Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's not easy

Yesterday as we were finishing our set of TaiChi a young man who looked to be 26 or 27 years old came over and watched. After we finished he asked my Sifu if he would teach him TaiChi. Yu Sifu told him that he would have to meet certain conditions and then took a few minutes to demonstrate a few basic warm-up exercises. The young man tried his best to follow Master Sifu, but after a few minutes he was panting for breath and holding his thighs and knees. Gasping for breath, he said "I thought it would be easy." I wonder if he'll be back today.

It reminded me of the young people who came to Jesus and said "I'll follow you anywhere", but then found they had more pressing matters to tend to (planning farewell parties, taking care of their parents, looking at a field, growing their money and building a financial empire, finding an actual bed to sleep in at night. Did they think following Jesus would be easy?

Every path we choose has its difficulties. The path that promises pleasure and ease leads to chains, pain and regret. The path that seems more difficult at first leads to the peaceable fruit of righteousness. I deeply regret the times I walked away from the Master thinking that I was denying myself some pleasure that 'normal people' got to experience. It was a lie, and the pleasures were a well laid trap. Following Jesus is not easy, because it is a daily choice. Still, I can't say it is hard because Jesus said that his yoke was easy, and the burden light.

Following Jesus is not easy, but it is worth doing. If you have the chance (and you do) don't walk away. Walk as close to Him as you can.