Friday, January 30, 2015

I'm all in.

I'm reading a 7 day Bible reading plan from Francis Chan called "Crazy Love". I like it because it only  gives the scriptures without any accompanying devotional material. All I know is the 7 days is about love. As I read, I try to work out what the theme for the day is. Today I read 
I encourage you to read these 3 passages and write a theme for the day. My theme is "all in". Everything I am, everything I have, everything I've done - the good & the bad. I have to be "all in", "all or nothing". 

In Rev 3 Jesus encourages us to go all in, and come to him for true abundance, right standing with God and healing. Jesus admires and notices the one who goes "all in". How about you? In or out? If "in", now is the time to go "all in."