Tuesday, July 15, 2014


My grandson walked up next to me yesterday and said "Grandpa, your shirt has perma-stink." Permastink is that nasty sweat smell that permeates the clothes of anyone who exercises (or sweats) regularly. You can wash the clothes and they will smell clean, UNTIL you wear them. The minute you start to sweat the whole garment begins to stink.  At this point, you have 2 choices: 1) live with it or 2) throw away the garment.  My T-shirt is 8 years old. The cloth has warn thin and it is the perfect exercise shirt, except for the perma-stink.  It is time to retire my shirt to the rag drawer. 

The idea of Perma-stink got me thinking: Are there areas of my life, my character, my habits or my thinking that might qualify as "Perma-stink"? Ouch!  A bad habit, a bad temper, a constantly angry disposition, a habit of laziness, only doing the minimum to get by, greed, lust, busyness, envying others, etc.  If we habitually think a certain way or act a certain way, that way of thinking or acting, if unhealthy, becomes a "Perma-stink". We may not notice it, but others certainly will. Want to know if there is any "perma-stink" in your life? Ask those around you. If they hesitate in their answer, then the answer is probably "yes."